Jacques Tati – Soundtrack Music from ‘Mon Oncle’

Jacques Tati (1907-1982) was a French filmmaker. During his career, he worked as a comic actor, writer, as well as director. He only made six feature-length films. This album features theme music from four:
Jour de Fête (The Big Day) http://youtu.be/CNbjW7oi1V0
Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Mr. Hulot’s Holiday)
Mon Oncle (My Uncle)
Play Time http://youtu.be/Riqm2VC-bC4

Link to ‘Cours du Soir’ (Night Class) soundtrack music, from a vinyl album: http://youtu.be/12hJuxgcbbE

‘Mon Oncle’ was the first of his films I saw–on the big screen, in the late 1950’s. Unforgettable. Humorous and charming, it doesn’t have a lot of dialog–doesn’t need it.
The music too is utterly enchanting and enjoyable. In some ways, to me it is reminiscent of some of Michel Legrand’s ‘I Love Paris’ album.
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Information from album notes, and Wikipedia.

From ‘Mon Oncle’:

Mon Oncle-Adios, Mario (composed by F. Barcellini)
Le Vieux Quartier (The Old Quarter) (composed by A. Romans)
Medley of three themes from the film (Romans, Barcellini)

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