How to Light Your Photos and Videos | TECH TALK

How to properly light your photos and video. In this tutorial I will go over 3 lighting scenearios: day light (free), continuous fluorescent light ($$), and ring light ($$$). I use all 3 methods to light my videos. The steps are very simple and it’s more about manipulating the light to suit your needs/taste. These tips can be applied to photography, filmmaking and even your videos here on YouTube 🙂

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To make it easier I created an Amazon store containing links to all my lighting purchases. Always do your homework before buying anything so ya’ll don’t be coming back blaming me for something 🙂


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Filmed and edited by your Shamelessness

camera: Canon 7D
audio: iPhone4 (voice memo 🙂
lighting: Day Light, Limo Studio 600W (x2) Fluorescent Lights, Fotodiox Pro LED Ring Light 352A
editing: Final Cut Pro X

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