From Head To Toe Song

This book is very useful for the children to move their hands and legs while reading the text, which makes them memorize the action words more easily and have fun. It represents the animals’ unique features very well so children like to imitate them. When I designed and composed this song, I wanted people to sing this song as if they felt like asking and answering to themselves. This song was sung by an Amrerican young woman who visited my Language School, STL, in 2002. When I suggested her to sing this song, she immediately and willingly accepted my offer. At that time she, Helen from Utah, I remember, was visiting Korea for missionary work, I was very lucky to meet her, but I don’t know where she is living now. This song was recorded in music studio in 2002. Since then, a lot of children who studied English in my language school have enjoyed singing this song.

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