My Skin Care Routine

Here’s my skin care routine! How I exfoliate, how I moisturize, how I eliminate white heads, zits and more. Since it’s summer and i’m gonna be showing more skin, now’s a perfect time to get shamelessly necked for you 🙂 For me healthy skin starts inside out. There are a bunch of factors to be considered for clear skin but that’s where it starts. I drink lots of water and tea, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, i don’t drink milk, or eat red meat and I stay praying and meditating everyday. For the most part I have clear, oily skin. I usually only break out around my period (hormones) and when I travel. I’m guessing my body is stressed from the act of traveling and change of environment. And finally, I keep my skin looking cute with products. Here’s what I love and have been using:

Face Wash: Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Peppermint Wash
Moisturizer: Pure+Simple’s Algae Serum
Mask: Pure+Simple’s Calming Mask
Acne treatment: Nexcare: (spot treatment), Kate Somerville Eradikate: (spot treatment)
Exfoliate: Luffa (local drug store: Duane Reade), gloves (health food store: Wholefoods)
Body Lotion: Nubian Heritage, “African Black Soap”
Tea: Green Tea 🙂

Keep in mind this is what I do and I have oily, clear skin. This is NOT a tutorial for how to have clear skin because everyone is different and we all really need to pay close attention on works for them.



Thank you to Pure+Simple for the GIVEAWAY!!!!

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