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— Carli’s vlog | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7CtEVH5c-E&feature=youtu.be

Rundown —
– Lipsticks are Haus of Dolls
– Thanks again to Candace Skaggs (www.etsy.com/shop/csillustrations)
– Orange gets extra feisty around catnip.
– Nobody was injured during the fireworks show.
– Pizza is life.
– I asked about the organic nails and the tech said it’s also referred to as sns powder.
– Charlo didn’t really have a job interview her outfit looked like she did tho.
– Stop hating on her brows.
– The nail color is OPI Otherwise Engaged
– My stylist is Rebeca Gerena @ J.Con Salon
– I’m not sure what we were talking about while she was coloring my hair buttttt it looked juicy! ;p
– My hair was color matched to #4 from Bellami.
– If I point one more timmmmmme……
– Salon Centric is my jammmm.
– When the radio won’t corporate.
– I had to go to Best Buy because I lost my GoPro charger! =/
– Smoothie is a Pomegranate Plunge from Tropical Smooth.
– If you don’t know who Baddiewinkle is just IG her. ;p PS she’s 86.
– I watched Grease & Taken 3 on the plane.
– Total travel time was 7+ hours.
– The rent-a-car shuttle had at least 44 people in it.
– My eyebrow at 9:54….tf?!
– I caved and ate In & Out….twice. *smacks wrist
– Camera battery had died before Bellami event and the one clip is from Jeremy’s phone! FAIL.
– Shout out to @lenalemonada for doing my hair at the Bellami Beauty Bar.
– I’m craving Nobu Rock Shrimp rigggggght now.
– We took a two hour car ride to go 4 wheeling but so worth it & the viewwwwwww.
– Fun time ATV was where we rented from.
– Carli could barely reach the petals ;p but drove like a champppp.
– I swear that In & Out is an old McDonalds.
– Room service to the rescue.
– Sunglasses are Raybans & Versace — Carlis are Celine.
– We’ve all been both of the girls in the bikinis.
– Food @ 16:38 is from Toca Madera.
– Do you want a more in depth hair video?!?
– I have no voice today. WHOMP.


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