I’m gonna show you all of the amazing natural looking wigs I recently bought. I’ve never been into wigs and never wanted to wear one because the thought of someone accidentally pulling it off made me cringe. I also thought they looked fake and too perfect. Until I damaged the crap out of my hair and started looking for protective styling to get it back to good health. I’ve always worn clip ins but they ripped my hair out from the root. I did weaves but my scalp hated them and they were too itchy. So, i went to the best place to go and do research….Google & Youtube! I started looking up wigs but synthetic ones because I was not about to spend 300 dollars on a wig and I end up hating it. So, I decided to start with synthetic ones but I was afraid they would look so obvious and fake. Little did I know that wasn’t the case at all!! No lie, I think I’ll be wearing wigs forever! They’re low maintenance, great protective styling, cuts down time on getting ready and I get to try and color, texture and length I want without damaging my hair! Yesssssssss I’m about that wig life now!!!

I got these wigs from elevatestyles.com. I also just discovered more sites like wigtypes.com and hairtobeauty.com I’ll link the direct link to the wigs in a few!

Wigs :

#1 http://bit.ly/1Lnp66o
#2 http://bit.ly/1jCmqW8
#3 http://bit.ly/1P8zBdp
#4 http://bit.ly/1YTrQwp
#5 http://bit.ly/1FKDgw9
#6 http://bit.ly/1FKDgw9
#7 http://bit.ly/1QONV9n
#8 http://bit.ly/1PRNcUH
#9 http://bit.ly/1KV4I74

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