Ingrid Nilsen Chicken Waffle PARODY

Ingrid Nilsen’s original video is here:
Sub to Mr and Mrs Vegan!!
Also Ness who helped with awesome editing!
Just a note to the ‘social justice Warriors’. ? If ANYONE on YouTube is going to make videos where they exploit animals, promote their enslavement & murder, get big $$$ for it & overact like they are having the time of their life then they are FAIR GAME for whatever comes their way. They better believe I’m coming after them with the truth in whatever form. She was lucky here, this is just a light hearted PARODY (Like can you say PARODY?? ? geez) that I’m sure she is mature enough to swallow, if not then HTFU and get off the internet! On the other hand – Trying to actually delete someone’s videos and channel?? Now that is a sneaky asshole move by LEGIT spoilt bullies. $$$$$$. Now go get sum bananas in ya.
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