You need a Makeup Artist for Great Portraits, Headshots and Model Shots

You need a Makeup Artist for Great Portraits, Headshots and Model Shots. People don’t want their portraits or headshots to look like they do in everyday life. They are hiring you to create their fantasy. To show them at their absolute best. This video covers the 6 most important reason for working with a makeup artist to take your photography to the next level.

People who come to you asking for a portrait or headshot are actually asking you to help them create proof of their fantasy – not their reality. They want to look their absolute best – not their everyday look – they want that “everything came together and wow do I look amazing today” look. Your job is to help them reach that potential.

The makeup artists that I work with also do hair styling. Please do not overlook the importance of having amazing hair in your portraits and headshots. Sloppy hair with fly-aways and pieces falling over the eyes is extremely distracting and diminishes the quality of your shot.

If you are able to find a makeup artist that does both – it will certainly make your life easier. If not – having a great hairstylist is equally as important as the makeup artist.

If you are looking for a makeup artist in your area – here s a directory of makeup artists all across the United States:

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