Carli Bybel #SmallActsofKindness Entry 2016 (A New Tanzanian Perspective)

Here I submit an inside look into the smiles and magic all the Nord Anglia Education schools along with myself were able to create in the Tanzania Expedition 2016. Desiding to spend my spring break making a change instead of playing on the beach and taking naps, I enjoyed 24 hours of traveling, 2 days of building solar panels, goat sheds, and smokeless stoves, 2 days of safari, 2 days of building teacher housing in community schools, and topping it off with 36 more hours of traveling. I would like to share and give an enourmous thank you to Dr. Lyng and Mrs. Vanz for making all of this happen, as well as to Nord Anglia Educations for offering such an amazing opportunity. I hope this gets taking into consideration as Carli Bybel inspired me to share this with the public in this way, and I’ve become sublimely proud of the help we’ve lended and hope I can continue to do such for the rest of my life. #CARLIBELGIVEAWAY #SmallActsofKindness

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