Spring clean | Carli Bybel #SmallActsofKindness Entry 2016

Hi my lovelies
I did this different kind of video to encourage all of you also to try and do something like this. Its so easy cause we all have clothes that we don’t wear and are just lying in our closet. And someone less fortunate can definitely put them to good use. And there are so many less fortunate families in Sri Lanka that would love this act of kindness. I was inspired to do this because of another youtuber- Carli Bybel. Who is just amazing and she encouraged her viewers to do this kind of thing and I hope you all watching will pay it forward.
#smallactsofkindness #CARLIBELGIVEAWAY

and Carli if your watching this.. OMG!!! I’d die.. Love your channel and you are such an inspiration.. Certainly my favourite beauty blogger!

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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