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Ever wanted to take a quick break in Hawaii while flying to Taiwan? If you have, you’re going to want to know about stopovers. Find out how to get multiple destinations for little added cost on your next getaway. Learn the Good As Gold tricks behind this travel hack from Peter Bragiel (pdrop) and Claire Marshall (ohhaiclaire). Learn more about the Premier Rewards Gold Card at

Master the Art of the Stopover:

The How:
1. Explore “multi-city” or “stopover” functions during ticket selection.
2. Sort trips by longest duration to see different results.
3. Look into airport hotels for luggage storage.
4. Check your airline’s website to see if they offer stopover packages that include transportation and hotels.

The Where:
1. U.S. — Zurich = Iceland
2. U.S. — Australia = Seoul
3. U.S. — South America = Belize
4. U.S. Mainland — Taiwan or New Zealand = Hawaii

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Master The Art of the Stopover | Good As Gold | American Express

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