ICE Talks: Need to think how we deal with people – Alexis Field

I’d been an engineer for 10 years when I fell pregnant, it was really difficult decision. The pregnancy part was quite fun, extra large ppe. Then I had my son and I was at home, I found it really difficult to not use my brain in the same way anymore. Returning to work I wasn’t as quick as I was before, it was a really difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with post natal depression and anxiety, had support from company but men haven’t been through it themselves. It takes away your confidence. I’ve gotten over that now and actually having a family has put things into perspective. I’ve got more of an emotional side now and I think that being a woman with a young family makes me realise we really need to understand who we want to attract into the industry. Its not necessarily about equality, some people don’t want to be dealt with in the same ways. My experience was quite challenging but I think we can learn from that. We need to think about how we deal with people, flexible working, language choices. Lots of women having a young family move out our industry and that’s not acceptable.

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