THE HOOKED LITTLE MERMAID (Ariel) Makeup Tutorial – Glam & Gore Disney Princess

Ariel has always wanted to be a part of the land-dwelling club, but we humans ain’t as glorious as ya think, girl. If you wanna walk, run, and play all day in the sun you’re gunna have to survive an oil spill, turn part scaly fish, and get caught with a hook to the cheek before you finally get washed up on shore. Congrats! Enjoy humanity! LOLZ.

This is one of an ongoing series of beauty and FX versions of disney princesses. For more info on that and a trailer of some of the other princesses coming up, click here :

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Costume made by me & my fabulous sewing skills that landed me (PUN V INTENDED) with a giant gaping hole exposing my backside before the end of the beach shoot. *bows*

Video on contour & highlight:

Videos where I use cotton & latex instead of 3rd degree:

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