top 10 hairstyle for girls 2017

top 10 hairstyles for girls 2017
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1. Long Wavy Hairstyle
The simplest and most widely used hairstyles in the world. Long wavy haircut is not only famous among the Hollywood female celebrities but also is equally famous among the ordinary people of the world. Most of the girls keep this hairstyle in festivals and events and same for the celebrities. It makes oneself more adorable and memorable than the other hairstyles in this list.
2. Low Side Ponytail
One of the most decent and most beautiful hairstyle in the world. Low side Pony Hairstyle is often adopted by girls in summer as it increases the admiring and amazing personality of a woman. Hollywood divas loves to keep this hairstyle. This is a very glamorous outlook and looks very good on almost every shape of hair.
3. Undone Undo Hairstyle
This hairstyle is very interesting and had a very rough outlook. It is often adopted by the Hollywood actresses and celebrities. This hairstyle is often kept by those who like to be simple in real life and do not wan to be very fashionable. Most of the girls in Europe loves this outlook. This can be done in different ways. This can be long and also for short hairs.
4. Twisted Ponytail
This is also one of the oldest hairstyles in the world. It was adopted by most of the princesses in the history because it gives an extraordinary look to women. It gives one a remarkable look and makes the personality of the individual more admiring and beautiful. IT makes to the list because of the popularity of this hairstyle among the youth.
5. Foxy Fishtail Braid
Foxy Fishtail Baird is another hairstyle that makes it way to the top ten list in the worlds. As the name shows that the outlook of this hairstyle is fish like. In the bottom the hair looks like the tail of a fish. It is a very trendy look and often is kept by those girls who wants to be look like a celebrity and stylish. If one wants to look like a Hollywood actress and celebrity she must keep this outlook.
6. Sleek and Straight Hairstyle
This is the oldest hairstyle in the world. And it always has been in the fashion among the women in the world. It is the most simple and easy to keep hairstyle in the world. This one is not only famous among the ordinary girls but also for the celebrities in the world. It gives the girls a charming and beautiful outlook and made their personality desirable. This haircut is very famous and can be kept in all seasons. But it is for those who had long hairs.
7. Wavy and Curl Hairstyle
This hairstyle came into being when the models walk on the ramp by keeping it. Wavy hairstyles are of great demand among the girls all over the world. And often is taken by young girls because it is simple and have a very beautiful look. These curly hairs gave the personality of a women a glance and made them very attractive. One of the most unique things about this hairstyle is that it can be kept in all seasons.
8. Double French Braid
This hairstyle is a very difficult hairstyle to be kept . This hairstyle is often kept by female celebrities all over the world because they has self hired fashion designers. It is a very costly outlook as it looks like it. There are a lot of ways to adjured this hairstyle among the girls. And the most characteristic thing about this hairstyle is that it is elegant and have a sizzling look. It is famous among the youth as it has a cool look.
9. Waterfall Braid
Waterfall make its way in the 9th position. It is because it is very popular among the young girls. It is considered as the most simple and sophisticated hair style for women all over the world and often is adopted. This hair style gives the women a good look and increases her personality among the public. But this hairstyle has a exception that it can only be kept by those girls who has strong and long hairs.
10. Crown Braid
Crown Braid is the hair style based on historical crown which the royal ladies and princesses wear. This is often kept by most of the Hollywood and real life celebrities. Because this is not a formal stylish hair looks. It is a celebrity look. This can be kept in several ways. A lot of designers have a lot of different ways of making it. It feels very difficult to maintain this hair style but it isn’t. It is a very simple outlook
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