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Hi hi hi! Sorry for the delay with this video.. it took a really long time to edit it down! Moo and I planned this vacation back in March! We have not been away together since 2006 i’m pretty sure? Not even kidding!! We used to always travel with each others families when we were younger 🙂 We were SOOO excited to finally get away and relax for a few days!!! As you heard- we planned on doing a bunch of fun activities but 4 1/2 days just wasn’t enough! Lol!! We didn’t realize our hotel was so far from the airport when we originally booked it! So we thought we would have a full day Saturday and partial day Thursday. Nonetheless we had SOO much fun. We stayed at Sandals resort in Negril! So many amazing memories I will never forget. Jamaica is Such a beautiful country! I wish we got to explore and see more! But we will just have to go back! We loved everything about it 🙂 I didn’t vlog as much as I would have liked to – but technology was kind of an after thought on this trip 🙂 I recommend keeping your phones off when traveling for vacation. You get to really live in the moment!! I love you guys! Thank you so much for watching!!! XOXO Carli

DAY 1;
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DAY 2;
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DAY 5:
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Faded by Phillip Berry
Yt – https://youtu.be/eMU3epcRSfM
Twitter – https://twitter.com/PhillipFlxBerry

Landon Austin: Glad You Came
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