FUNNIEST BRETMAN ROCK Vines Compilation w Titles 2017- Funny, Makeup, Reaction,, Snapchat

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Some Titles :
– Happy Siblings day from Me and @MaeLoveCleo
– PRESS PLAY Hey ho!
– Just a little infomercial on walking your dog btw yes I know damn well I look busted duh Follow @bretmansvanity
– Bretman Rock and Cleo Show (someone tell me what part this is I forgot) Today we are learning how to read makeup labels
– Supporting @NikkieTutorials all my girls with this #PowerofMakeup challenge!
– Me in PE doing some push ups… I did 26 today I’m so proud of myself
– Me heading to my class or whatevah tbh I was gonna tuck but I was already late for school so I just went
– My mom..
– A Happy Valentines message for all of you #if #it #just #turned #green #then #dont #fucken #beep
– I did a @badgalriri Inspired Met Gala look and I basically became Rihanna
– I’m really just another girl next door top from: @joeysboutique
– Bretman Rock and Cleo Show part 5 !! Us watching Moana for the 1357736xand me baby sitting.. Cleo is now Almost 5 months old
– Me comming back after drowning… The grudge action
– Hoera is back and badder than ever..
– Mood honestly
– BretmanRock and Cleo Show part 4. I got super emotional looking at her face, she’s full of life and happiness and that’s all I could wish for!
– Press Play My Miss Universe Vlog is finally up Links are in my bio or leave some emojis or whatevah
– When someone comments about your over drawn lips
– Me being cute or whatevah
– Ugh I was eating my Christmas edition Dots
– I swear my sister just asked me if our mom was a virgin
– Welcome to my Crib Hoetel Version
– My mom is back!! And this time she is demanding for a paycheck for her “TALENT FEES” for being in my bideos
– I’m sorry my co host is kind of unprofessional she’s new at this..
– Ew on the cover photo you can see it come out of my nose the lipstick is Catnip by @anastasiabeverlyhills btw and its 20$ not 30$ .
– I’m low key obsessed with Justin Bieber
– I love having my mom over… she’s so jumpy
– Part 2 if you don’t think I’m cute.. U wrong wig from @powderroomd use code ” BretmanRock ” for 10% off
– I did the Spicy Ramen Challenge Full video on YouTube: BretmanRock Links in my BIO
– Bonding time with my sister wow I really love myself
– I call this look “She Sick” this is probably the dumbest video I’ve filmed yet but
– When you try to be sexy but the water too cold Tag someone of some thing..
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