RECREATING YOUTUBER COACHELLA LOOKS// emma chamberlain, james charles, tana mongeau, & more

recreating & diy-ing your favorite youtubers coachella looks (emma chamberlain, tana mongeau, David dobrik, liza koshy, cody ko, james charles, grayson dolan, scotty sire, toddy smith, and zane hijazi) — enjoy friends ily all

– should I have just stuck to a Roasting Youtubers Coachella Outfits video like everyone else instead of embarrassing myself?? yeah probably. too late now tho yolo am I right ladies?? this is probably my weirdest video ever so sry abt that but its okay even tho it’ll probably embarrass me for the rest of my life but that’s just life man idk

– PEOPLE AT COACHELLA I RECREATED: emma chamberlain, tana mongeau, david dobrik, cody ko, james charles, grayson dolan, scotty sire, toddy smith, and zane hijazi
– PEOPLE I DIDN’T RECREATE BUT I JUST WANT THIS VIDEO TO RANK HIGHER (sry not sry abt it tho): Liza Koshey, Summer Mckeen, loren gray, Tatiana ringsby, Corinna kopf, dote trip #squad amiright , Ellie Thumann, Hannah meloche, Dylan Jordan

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