6 Best OG YouTubers | Why I Make YouTube Videos

I’ve been watching YouTube for a LONG TIME. In this video, I share why I make YouTube videos and the YouTubers who inspired me to start creating. My favorite old school YouTubers are Mitchell Davis, Meeka Kitty (Tessa Violet), Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine), Ingrid Nilsen, Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland), and Zoella!

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Ever wonder why (or if) you should make YouTube videos? I share my reasons for starting a YouTube channel as well as my YouTube inspirations from OG YouTube. I’m talking 2007-2009, people. The best old school beauty gurus, comedy geniuses, and jump cut originals. Also, my huge teenage crush on Mitchell Davis. Let me know if you are going to VidCon Anaheim 2018! #OGYouTube #MeekaKitty #MitchellDavis


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