Heres Flash Casey – January 7, 1938

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Heres Flash Casey – January 7, 1938

Flash Casey is a newspaper photographer always in hot water and living on the edge of danger.

Produced by Arthur Alexander, Max Alexander and Alfred Stern
Directed by Lynn Shores
Written by John W. Krafft and George Harmon Coxe

The Actors
Eric Linden (Flash Casey)
Boots Mallory (Kay Lanning)
Cully Richards (Wade)
Holmes Herbert (Major Addison, newspaper owner)
Joseph Crehan (Blaine)
Howard Lang (Pop Lawrence)
Victor Adams (Gene Ricker, gangster)
Harry Harvey (Gus Payton)
Suzanne Kaaren (Mitzi LaRue)
Matty Kemp (Rodney Addison)
Dorothy Vaughan (Mrs. O’Hara, Casey’s landlady)
Maynard Holmes (Joe Gordon, college freshman pledge)
Sven Hugo Borg (blonde student)
Lynton Brent (pharmacist)
Don Brodie (Doyle, reporter)
Leonard Carey (garden party waiter)
Virginia Dabney (Chloe, Payton’s moll)
Lester Dorr (Miller, reporter)
Carl Faulkner (police officer)
Ben Hall (man who finds camera in phone booth)
Eric Mayne (Harold, party guest)
Robert Morgan (groom at wedding)
Spec O’Donnell (copy boy Billy
Henry Otto (Dock Warden)
Hal Price (police sergeant when ambulance is stolen)
Ronald R. Rondell (auctioneer)
Denny Sullivan (henchman Denny)


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