My Experience Using a Menstrual Cup for 9 Years ☾✧☽ Tips, Advice & Why I Switched

Why I switched to using a Menstrual Cup: It’s a natural, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to tampons and pads. This is my experience and benefits of using a Menstrual Cup for the past 9 years. ♡ Get Your Diva Cup:

How to insert it, how to remove it, how long it should stay in, how to clean it, why it’s healthier for your body and the planet ♡

Post-Childbirth Diva Cup:
Re-usable Menstrual Underwear:
Re-usable Cotton Pads:

VIDEO Spiritual Significance of Your Menstrual Cycle:

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How to Connect with Marijuana in a Healthy Way:
Marijuana Can Boost Productivity:

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CBD Oil:

(Ships to USA, Canada, and UK)
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CBD can reduce menstrual cramps, anxiety, inflammation, physical and chronic pain. It can improve sleep, and it also helps regenerate healthy cells. I get the 600 mg bottle, taking 60 mg on days with cramps, and 30 mg on other days, for overall wellbeing.

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