These Radiance Ring Lights Will Make You Look Stunning! Best Lighting for Bloggers, Youtubers & MUAs

Look Stunning in Your Photos & Videos With Just One Light! ?
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Radiance Ring lights are designed to enhance beauty by giving off a soft, even, diffused glow from all directions. This virtually eliminates shadows on the face, and washes out blemishes, rendering skin flawless. It also creates stunning circular eye reflections that create a glamorous effect and make images burst with life. Whilst most photography studios use multiple lights to get the best results, Radiance Ring is a single light solution, which can surpass even with the most elaborate studio set up. Radiance Ring lights work best at close to medium range and unlike flashes, stay on continuously, meaning that they can be used for videos as well as photos.

The range:
♥ Radiance Ring Pro –
♥ Radiance Ring Mini –
♥ Radiance Ring Mobile –

Radiance Ring are UK based, but offer low cost, fast shipping worldwide.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all items.


☺Special thanks to:
Janie Barclay – Photography & Studio:
Kay V – Makeup Artist:
Kery – Modelz UK Modelling Agency:
Isabella Randal – Dress Design:
Taylor Holman – Model:
Millie Chapman – Model:
Ben Sound – Music:

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