Beauty Combo #8 {requested} ♀

(@the requester: don’t worry, i included everything in your request. i just simplified it all in the description)

This subliminal includes the following affirmations:

♡strong belief in subliminals
♡all changes are complete, immediate, noticeable, and safe
♡all changes are permanent
♡mind, personality, attitude, and reality are completely ready for full and rapid transformation
♡subconscious mind is ready and positively susceptible to the following affirmations

♡skin rapidly rejuvenates/heals itself
♡perfect, glowy, even skin tone from head to toe
♡natural spf
♡tiny pores (appearance of poreless skin)
♡smooth, hydrated, clear, and flawless skin
♡get rid of all unwanted body/facial hair
♡beautiful complexion/skin tone/undertone
♡skin has optimal elasticity
♡get rid of all stretch marks, scars, and other imperfections
♡all skin layers are completely perfect and healthy

♡1b korean textured hair
♡extremely healthy and rapid hair growth
♡perfect in any weather conditions
♡always smells good
♡waist length hair
♡full round hairline
♡always perfectly styled
♡long, silky, healthy edges
♡hair styles easily
♡hair has natural spf protection

♡extremely long, thick, curly eyelashes
♡perfect 20/20 vision
♡healthy, rejuvenated eyes
♡long, thick, naturally full eyebrows
♡soft, hydrated lips
♡white, straight, healthy teeth
♡pink, healthy gums
♡ideal facial features and head shape
♡beautiful, attractive resting face
♡extremely photogenic and videogenic

♡extremely beautiful hands and feet
♡long, strong, healthy fingernails
♡healthy cuticles
♡pleasant smelling sweat
♡extremely fast metabolism
♡perfect health
♡improvement in strength, stamina, and flexibility
♡improvement in athletic abilities concerning all sports and fields
♡improvement in self defense abilities

♡have an easy life
♡law of attraction always works in your favor
♡manifest anything you desire
♡be effortlessly classy and elegant
♡have a beautiful, confident posture and walk
♡have an elegant, classy, and attractive aura
♡be incredibly stunning, good-looking and irresistible
♡be breathtakingly gorgeous
♡be extremely beautiful in any moods, emotions, expressions, and conditions
♡always win giveaways and lotteries
♡supernatural luck
♡have extreme self love, self confidence and self positivity
♡attract wealth and luxury
♡go on exciting and luxurious vacations
♡have a beautiful fashion sense
♡manifest attractive, high quality, flattering clothing and shoes
♡manifest high quality accessories
♡manifest high quality makeup
♡have professional makeup skills
♡have your ideal level of fame on any social media platform
♡Live in abundance

mino x bigbang – body x bae bae mashup (jyeoms)

♡listen 2-6 times a day
♡play at a comfortable volume
♡drink plenty of water
♡your subconscious mind will reject any unwanted affirmations
♡no frequencies (the sub will still work if you download it)
♡can be used with one headphone/no headphones but headphones are recommended

Instagram – yoongyeom.subs
Amino (Subliminal Users /Subliminal Talk) – Yoongyeom
Email – [email protected]

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