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In my 29 years, I’ve experienced some pretty big life changes: my mom having cancer all throughout my teens, my dad dying when I was 17, coming out at 26 and moving across the country last week. Change can be exciting, devastating and anxiety-ridden all at the same time. For me, change is always hard (even when it’s something I want) because it brings up a lot of painful memories, fears and feelings from my past. Over the years, I’ve noticed there are three lessons that I re-learn in the midst of change – whether it’s big or small. Each time I see things through a slightly different lens and I’m able to carry those new perspectives forward into my future experiences. After receiving so many messages from people in their late twenties expressing how difficult this season of life has been for them, I was so touched. I wanted to make a video that could give something back to all of you, so here it is: my three lessons that have helped me through some of the most difficult and wonderful times in my life.

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WEEKLY MOVING UPDATE: I just got notice this week that my stuff has arrived in NY! However, due to logistics and a couple issues with the movers, I won’t be receiving my things until next week. Because of the late arrival, my mom has extended her trip so she can help me unpack. In the midst of all this, my French press mysteriously got a hole in it overnight (which I discovered AFTER pouring HOT BOILING WATER in it) and my washing machine started leaking water all over the floor. Needless to say, this week has been filled with a lot of unexpected change! The upside is, my mom and I are having a lovely time in the city and I’m so grateful for the extra quality time. ❤️






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– from Reformation (it’s from 3 years ago)


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