Monster – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Monster – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I know y’all expected scary from me, so I hope your new favorite place to be is in a well-lit room! When life hands you an exorcist tutorial right before you find out your next NYX challenge theme is Paranormal Activity, make really scary monster flavored lemonade.

The premise for this video was inspired by ACTUAL creepy things that have been happening since I did the exorcist tutorial (every single creepy occurrence I’ve posted about on twitter 100% happened, the only not real part was yesterday’s ‘live’ stream video to prep you guys for this!) To the ghosts haunting me ever since the funny timing of my last tutorial, I just made a makeup look out ‘uh you!

I did check with NYX about using FX products and was told that if it’s not a product they make, I’m able to use them so long as I’m not showing or mentioning other brands, but I hope you see how accessible FX makeup is to you, without having many FX products at all. This is quite a big FX look to do with only latex and adhesive- the rest are easy to find, affordable NYX products and craft store products! So never be discouraged to start a passion – just get resourceful!

If you’re more of a Glam fan, check out my last NYX challenge entry for the theme “Timeless Beauty”! I promise there are no dark doorways in that one and it’s quite a 180 from this one.

Thank you once more to NYX Cosmetics, and the sponsors of the Face Awards who’ve been extremely generous and helpful. Clarisonic, GHD, HTC, Lulu’s, Lola Shoetique, Target, Redken, and Audio Network.

All music was from Audio Network- Songs used:
Shout Shout
Threatening Behavior

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