TIDE POD ZOMBIE | FX Makeup Tutorial

TIDE POD ZOMBIE | FX Makeup Tutorial

Hey how about we stop swallowing tiny pockets of bleach for an internet challenge?

This is 100% what will happen to you if you eat a tide pod. You will become an ugly zombie. If you wanna be an ugly zombie without the self – poison part, here’s how to do it with fx makeup.

All you need is liquid latex, cosmetic paints/shadows/whatever’s safe for your face, and if you wanna go full tide pod… sfx gelatin that’s dyed blue and orange by mixing in some water activated colors.

But really the important part is that we stop eating tide pods k? Seriously please stop. Here’s that number again cause I don’t trust y’all. (800) 222-1222

Thanks to twitter users @alayneGilbert1 , @cathdoodles , @warfacepaint & @alexashayx for the push I needed to go full tide pod


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