Christen Dominique Berries And Cream Palette First Impressions-Ashley Lamora

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Hey loves,

?Today was a quick eyeshadow look done with the new christen dominique berries and cream palette. Let me know in the comments if you are planning on picking it up, if you liked the look, etc. Just FYI, the customer service is horrible and there is no telephone number to call. You will not get your money back if something happens to your palette so make sure all of your info is correct before buying. I had my palette lost in the mail and lost $53 dollars so I ordered off EBAY. Im still trying it.out with customer service but it is futile. Let me know in the comments what your plans for Christmas are! Have a great holiday, until next time! Love you all and thank you for your continued support! ???

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The berries and cream palette is $44 USD and in my opinion, totally worth it if I did not say it in the video!

You guys are my sunshine and an outlet for me to release my creativity and make friends. You are totally worth it, beautiful, smart and wonderful!

If you are planning on starting a youtube channel but are unsure, GO FOR IT. Takes hard work and time but it WILL pay off if you have the drive. One way or another, you will make an impact.

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