Game Master STEALS Our Christmas Gifts??

In this week’s video, you’ll see one of our family #Christmas gifts get HIJACKED by the Game Master! Make sure to watch all the way until the end to see if we are able to follow his clues, and get our gift back!

Several YouTube families are taking part in a Secret Santa/gift exchange with each other, and the gift that we were sent was stolen by #GameMaster! He left us clues, and each clue required a task to be complete which would lead us to a new challenge to until we could get our gift back. Game Master had us running all over our house to solve his puzzles and move on to another clue! A few of the challenges included making gingerbread houses, eating fruitcake, and Brooklyn jumping in the POOL (which was FREEZING, btw)!

Do you guys think we will get our gift back, or will Game Master WIN and keep it?? Comment below!

Check out all of the other amazing families who are involved in the secret gift exchange below:

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?’s -Mindy

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