Shedding Snake / Human Makeup Tutorial (part 1)

Pictures of the full makeup can be found on my instagram (@mykie_). This is the first part to doing that look. I decided to split this ‘Under the skin’ makeup tutorial into two parts because there are a lot of reasons you might want to make your own skin mask and a lot of separate reasons you might want to transform yourself into a snake. So for those who want both, there is both, and for those that only want to delve into one, you have that neatly divided option. 🙂 You can find part 2 here-

PS. Excuse my rachet nails. I obviously haven’t done a thing to them since I got them done in October, including bothering to take off what nail polish remains. But this is my life.

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Tutorials to help walk you through making your own lifecast:

My life cast was made with the help of Chase and my two roommates and since it was all our first time making one, it took several hours from start to finish, and it didn’t come out perfect but it was hella fun to make and it’s super useful now for making custom fit prosthetics. Worth it if you have the time, money, and help, but please do your research before attempting it.

Products used for the mask:
Liquid Latex – mine is from and it is awesome because it doesn’t smell like toliets and death like most latex
All my favorite everyday beauty products: L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation, Goldilux loose shadow by Sugarpill, Elegant Lashes in Prima Donna, NYX Brunette Brow gel and Epic Black Gel Liner, Wicked Limecrime Velvetine, and some no name mystery bronzer.

Song: Codeko- Crest [NCS Release]

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