1 Minute Makeup Tutorial: Overdrawn Pointed Lips

For those who ain’t got time- here’s a fast tutorial on how I do my overdrawn pointed lip corners. As I mention quickly in the video, the key to this look really is the first step. If you have trouble when trying this, just focus on that and try out a few different angles and lengths for your own natural lip shape until you find what works best!

I will be doing a tutorial on how to do ombre lips, as well as a more in depth tutorial about tips and tricks for wearing lipstick in general, so don’t worry if I didn’t cover something about the lips in this quick tutorial! This one’s just dedicated towards getting that pointed shape.

Bdellium Tools 762 small angled brush (the best small angled brush in the whole freakin world)
Limecrime Black Velvet velvetine
MAC Dubbonet, Lady Danger, and Nightmoth lip liner
MAC studio finish concealer

Song: Eliminate- Karate Kid ft. Armanni Reign (VIP Remix)

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