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Everything is a case by case basis, but these are just my general opinions on inspiration and copying in the makeup industry, specifically on social media. I’ve been asked about my opinion on this a lot so now seemed like a good time to address it. I hope this video spreads a positive message, not a negative one, so please think twice before you leave something negative in the comments.

Also, I forgot to mention something pretty important: It becomes much more murky to define copying when talking about a basic staple look (like a smokey eye or winged eyeliner) or something preexisting (like a sloth makeup look or simulating burns). There’s probably only so many ways you can do a smokey eye, and sloths are something that exist in nature, obviously, for anyone to look at and replicate, so unless someone copies your tutorial, down to every technique, instruction, placement, step by step, it’s hard to say no one else could have thought to do the same thing. The copying I’m speaking to in this video is specific concepts/makeups that go beyond just the staple look, preexisting things or coincidence.

My next video in the Mykie (dis)Likes It series will likely be about my thoughts on the pros & cons of makeup schools for those aspiring to become professional makeup artists, but please leave me other suggestions of topics you’d like to hear me talk about!

& I doubt you haven’t heard of the inspirations I mention in this video, but if you haven’t.. check them out!
Jenna Marbles :
Ryan Higa:

The wig I’m wearing in this video was made by @hairhegoes on Instagram

Tobu – Candyland [NCS Release]
Lensko – Titsepoken 2015 [NCS Release]

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