My Personal Affirmations to Manifest Money in 2019

In this video, I share with you my 10 affirmations to manifest money and how I wrote them so you can use them in your life and start manifesting money in 2019.

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10 Money Affirmations:

#1 I am pure abundance, MONEY loves running through me because I a clear willing channel

#2 Money empowers me to do more & be more for myself, my community and the world

#3 I am excited to receive feel good money that fuels my mission to be an example of whats possible and heal my ancestors wounding around money.

#4 I am confident in numbers, I find peace in being clear and aware of my money regardless of the ups and downs in my bank account.

#5 I expect more responsibility in managing my finances as they grow. I can handle this expansion because it is necessary for my highest evolution and what I say I want, which is to be able to afford my most authentic life. I am excited to manage my money.

#6 I love money like I love food, the more aware I am of it, the better choices I can make for my well being.

#7 I am showing up for my money and it shows up for me.

#8 I caring about money even when I don’t have a lot o fit looks like being aware of: my debt in detail, my expenses, my money coming in etc…

#9 Money is on it’s way to me right now & I am open to circulating it with intention and love.

#10 I love money because it gives me the freedom & options I know I deserve to experience.


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