Amazing makeup hacks

We know how important makeup is for everyone! So, we created some amazing beauty hacks that can be proven game changers once you try them! In this video, we have amazing makeup recipes and ideas that will save you time and make you look stunning!

You can make your own gradient eyeshadow by placing your eyeshadow colors in a makeup pan! Here is how you do it! You scrape some of each shadow in a pan and arrange them from the darker shade to the lighter shade! Then, to make it solid add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and pat it using a coin and some paper towels! To do your makeup take a sponge and transfer the eyeshadow you just made on the sponge and them finally pat it on your lid as a stamp! You can blend it out evenly using a makeup brush and there you have it! An amazing eye makeup look that takes less than 20 seconds!

There is a new amazing makeup trend that features bold thick and perfectly groomed eyebrows! It is called the feather brows and we have the perfect brow tutorial for you which takes second! Take a clean mascara wand and rub it on your soap block! Then start combing your brows using upwards motions and there you have it!

Did you know that you can create your very own natural lip balm using only three ingredients? In this video, we show you how! In a glass bowl add some beeswax, some shea butter and then some coconut oil! You can also add a small piece of your favorite lipstick color in the mixture to make it tinted! Then add your bowl with all the ingredients in the microwave and then pour it into a makeup container or a lipstick container! This one is perfect if you would like an all natural lip balm to treat chapped lips!

In the video, we also share with you some amazing makeup tricks that will save you time! For example, you can add baby powder on your lashes before applying your mascara to give them more volume. Or, you can apply white eyeliner pencil in the middle of your lips to make them appear fuller!

Watch our video to find awesome ways to fix your makeup, and the correct way to clean your makeup brushes or how to store your brushes like a professional makeup artist.
0:06 – DIY ombre Eyeshadow
0:50 – DIY liquid eyeshadow
1:55 – Bushy eyebrows
3:12 – How to get thicker eyelashes
3:40 – Make your lips appear bigger
3:55 – Eyeliner hack
4:07 – Fix broken powders
5:20 – DIY makeup brush holder
6:11 – Awesome Makeup display

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