"PROOF" that olivia jade knew all along about her college *real tea*

Olivia Jade is caught up in arguably the biggest college scandals of all time. Apparently what happened is her parents a.k.a actress Lori Loughlin and Designer Mossimo paid more than 500,000 dollars in bribe to admit Olivia and Bella Gianulli to USC. Olivia parents faked their daughters resume, grades and sports profile to admit olivia into college. Olivia and Bella Gianulli were both recruited in the crew team despite neither of them knowing how to row let alone be professional national athletes. Olivia Jade and Bella Gianulli are likely going to be expelled from USC while their parents might face up to multiple billion dollars lawsuits and possibly up to a 5 year jail time. It seems not only Olivia’s jade’s education is in jeopardy, all of the associated companies like Sephora and Tresemme have cut ties with her and cancelled all the prior collaborations. Now many people are also considering whether or not Olivia Jade might make her comeback in youtube as the embarrassment and humiliation if she decides to continue her career on YouTube seems already surpassing every one of her worst nightmares.

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