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the companies that generally hire those that are from “Elite” schools…… perhaps it’s YOU that should re-evaluate your expectations. This to me is the REAL problem that we feel the need to buy our way into a school or starve ourselves trying. When you condition a world that education is an essential requirement, I find it almost human instinct to do whatever it is one must to achieve this acceptance.

This is a perspective from a Canadian Commoner that went to FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising a college down the street from USC. Having lived at The Lorenzo and University Gateway I lived and learnt A LOT from the privileged. Also, from those who had scholarships etc. etc. I grew up with friends that went to private schools that accommodated the wealthiest families in the country. A lot of these students have many interesting views on the world, although I haven’t lost full faith in any of them. I feel that this is HOW it’s always been, and the reaction to this current “scandal.” Is so dramatic, when in fact we should be focusing on why schools are priced so astronomically in the first place.. Again, be the difference, be the entrepreneur, own your desk job, Whatever it is. You can MAKE IT WORK! We live in beautiful countries that allow for this. Don’t give up. This isn’t a moment for me to try and give a motivational speech or betray that something obviously not ‘politically correct.’ Is … correct. I am not for the “Scandal.” Or the families that take place in this day to day.


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