I BROKE INTO My Friend's House & I Copied Her Instagram for a Week ROAST

It was only a matter of time before I broke into my YouTuber friend Mykie’s (GlamandGore) house and copied her Instagram for a week and roasted her at her house with the photos! Her reaction is priceless, after the last time I broke into Glam&Gore house, I knew I had to do one more prank, and this might be the best one yet! Part 2 from when I Broke Into My Friend’s House saga continues!!! Thank you to Mykie aka Glam and Gore for still being my friend after this lol.

I BROKE Into My Friend Mykie’s House prank:

I Tried Following a Glam and Gore Makeup Tutorial Roast:

Thanks to Mykie for being the most awesome friend. Please subscribe to her and show her that big love: Mykie Glam&Gore channel:

Watch How I Lost 600,000 Subscribers Overnight:

Should I roast another YouTuber or tried following another makeup tutorial? Do you like more epics films instead? Let me know in the comments what you want to see!

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