Awesome makeup tips that will turn you into an expert

Sometimes doing our makeup can be time-consuming, especially when we are new and we are still experimenting around with different makeup in order to find what suits us. Or, when we encounter those awful situations when our eyeshadow and eyeliner look uneven. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing DIY hacks that will save you the struggle and turn you into an expert in no time.

– Always swatch your foundation on your neck instead of on your arm in order to color match it correctly. Our hands are naturally darker than our face so if you swatch it on your arm you’ll end up picking the wrong color.
– If you are looking to get beautiful freckles to make your face shiny and look younger, instead of drawing them in with makeup, you can use henna to give to yourself temporary tattooed freckles.
– When you are in a rush to be somewhere where you have to look nice and presentable but you don’t have access to any makeup. You can use matte lipstick as an eyeshadow and blusher as well.
– You can make your own bubbly face cleaner using micellar water. Simply add some on a cotton pad and then blow on it. Because the cotton pad is breathable, it will force the micellar water to generate some bubbles that will help you remove your makeup.
– Use a hairpin in order to give more volume to your hair. Simply part your hair from the middle, then add the hairpin on your hair part in order to lift it, and then blowdry it.
– For those of you who love taking good care of their lips and also have a sweet tooth, we show you how to make your own lip balms using all kinds of tasty products such as, kinder chocolate, Chupa-Chups lollipop, coca-cola and many more. Watch our video tutorial to see the full demonstration.
– If you are in a rush while doing your makeup, you are more likely to cause some accidents during the process such as applying mascara on your eyelids. So, in this video, we show you how to prevent this from happening simply by using some posted notes.
– You can use greaseproof paper in order to swatch some of the makeup products that you can use in order to do a quick makeup touch-up later in the day.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our genius makeup lifehacks that will help you both improve your makeup skills, become quicker when doing your makeup and also become an awesome makeup artist.

0:07 – How to color match your foundation
0:29 – Temporary henna freckles
1:15 – DIY face cleaner
1:49 – Delicious edible lipsticks
4:00 – Super quick makeup hacks
5:25 – Genius lash gel hack
6:48 – DIY makeup remover
7:53 – Awesome mermaid makeup
9:19 – DIY colorful mascara
10:28 – DIY makeup brush cleaner
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