Can Olivia Jade Return To Youtube?

Curious as to what you guys think about this? How possible is it for Olivia Jade to still be a successful Youtuber. I think numbers are on her side in terms of views and people will still be interested in what she has to say/do in terms of a come-back. So she can still have a thriving career. In terms of if she’ll have fans, I think every Youtuber has die hard fans and there are still a lot of people that will support her despite such a massive scandal. This isn’t me saying I am one of those fans willing to forgive her because this scandal is super upsetting for me to hear about. I’m just giving my honest opinion on the situation.

Also guys thank you so much for 500 subs and all the love I’ve been receiving. This truly means so much xo -Spilly.

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