Lori Loughlin Claims Ignorance As Innocent Plea

Olivia Jade Finally Speaking To Lori Loughlin After College Admissions Scandal.
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Alexis Butcher

Lori Loughlin is now claiming she did not know that the money she paid was for bribery. Her new defense claim is ignorance. This Lori Loughlin update is one people are calling “laughable or truly LOL”

A source told people that Lori and Mossimo were just doing what ordinary parents do when trying to get their child into college. They hire consultants and facilitators to help them along the way.. The source said that they had no idea the $500,00 was part of a bribery scheme and that’s the reason they would not take the plea deal when it was offered to them.

The allegedly staged rowing pictures of Olivia Jade and her sister Bella, were just for fun? Olivia hasn’t been speaking to her parents for nearly a month now, while she has been living with her boyfriend… but they are apparently now on speaking terms, because Olivia realized they were “Just trying to do what’s best for her”

Not to mention Olivia may have her own legal battle ahead, she and her sister Bella are potentially going to be called forward as witnesses to this entire scandal, needing their own lawyers. Olivia hasn’t really been on social media or uploading her typical youtube videos since this entire scandal broke. She’s been focused on how to re-launch her brand, and how to me famous for the right reasons instead of this whole fiasco. For the time being she can’t even drop out of USC, because they haven’t determined her status there. So, Olivia and Isabella’s lives are pretty up in the air right now, with parents potentially being placed in prison for up to 40 years, and their college not letting them in OR out.

Martha Stewart says she feels sorry for Lori’s family, and for Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman.. Martha said to Entertainment Tonight “I just feel sorry for them,They might have made a bad mistake.” After serving a little time herself for lying about a stock sale to investigators. .. she understands little bit about the humiliation that goes into a scandal of this caliber. She said that no one should have to go through this kind of indignity..

Lori and Mossimo are still looking at decades in prison if the judge and jury don’t decide to take their defense plea of ignorance.

What do you guys think about this whole situation? Did they know about the bribery or not?

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