How to Use Old Eyeshadow for Shimmery Eye Corners | Simple Makeup Tips for #MakeupFridays

This video is for you if:
– You are bored with the everyday daily liner+gloss look
– You are looking for simple makeup tips
– You are like to keep your makeup simple
– You are like watching makeup tutorials – but don’t know how to apply makeup

The Shimmery Corners Eye Makeup Look
OR how to do eye inner corner highlights

What you need is…
– An eyeshadow palette you bought and forgot about – or don’t know how to use.
– One Q-tip or earbud

What you need to do is…
Step #1. Apply your eyeliner or kohl the usual way except, avoid extending the eyeliner to the eye corners.
Step #2. Dip the q-tip or earbud in the lightest eyeshadow color in the palette.
Step #3. Using the earbud apply the eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes.
Step #4. Apply your gloss and you’re done!

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