So you want to become a successful Youtuber? I’ve learned so many things through trial and error over the years and in today’s video I’m diving in on all the things I wish I did before starting my channel for those starting in 2019! **My camera equipment and lighting set up is linked below!

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#1: STICK TO A NICHE – It’s better to have a smaller focused channel than have a wide spread audience with different interests.

#2: THINK ABOUT GOING OFF PLATFORM FROM THE BEGINNING – Blog, email newsletter, sell a service/digital product or physical product. Relying on Youtube shouldn’t be your end goal as you don’t own the platform.

#3: WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? FUN OR CAREER? If career, then do only highly searchable videos – later on you can introduce vlogs once you’ve gained an audience.

#4: INVEST IN HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT FROM THE BEGINNING – Go ALL IN! Treat it like a business. Those who succeed aren’t ‘dabblers’, they have no option B!

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#5: PROGRESS IS BETTER THAN PERFECTION – Work on improving your craft, collaborate, focus on growing 2 platforms consistently. You don’t need to have large numbers on all platforms to bring in an income for yourself.

Have fun!!! Enjoy the journey and don’t get caught up on the numbers!

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