➤ National Anthem ⊣ Rustflight & Weaselclaw ⊢ OC PMV

I worked on this like 3 or 4 days and I finally finished it!

I already apologize for my english;;

❥ Story:

Rustflight and Weaselclaw met when she was an apprentice and he a warrior. It started at the big clan meeting, what you can see at the beginning. They fell in love with each other really quick, like it was love at the first sight, so they started to meet up secretly, since both of them are in different Clans. One day Rustflight found out that a cat from Weaselclaw’s clan got pregnant, and he was the father. They started to fight and yell at each other, Rustflight begged him not to leave her but he did it anyway. Things went down road, both of them started to feel different. Weaselclaw became a murderer and killed one of his Clan mates. After visiting Speckletail (the mother of his kit), he left the Clan and some of his mates started to chase after him, since Speckletail told them what happend. Weaselclaw never loved her or his kit, but he wanted to see them for the last time, before leaving the Clan. Meanwhile he runs away, he meets Rustflight, who was taking a nightwalk. Of course she could betray him, but she didn’t. She let him run away and realise that she will never see him again. Moons went by and a Clan mate of Rustflight, called Pinesoul, noticed her sadness and that something was
wrong. So they started to spend time with each other and he fell in Love with Rustflight, but she didn’t. She wanted to forget her love and feelings towards Weaselclaw, but after a long time he comes back into her Clan and she noticed that she still loves him.

▪ Cats:
orange, white cat: Rustflight
black, white cat: Weaselclaw
brown cat: Pinesoul

▪ Programmes:

Sony Vegas (editing)
Paint Tool SAI (drawing)

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