ASMR | Sassy & French Hollywood Makeup Artists Get You Ready!

One is sassy and one is french! It’s the Sassy French Hollywood makeup show!
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Glow, Frivvi ( and I were all in California this weekend for some meetings and it was really fun! ;-; Unfortunately, we had very very very little free time to film so I apologize that this is the only thing that made it out of the trip!!! We were supposed to film a layered sounds video and a third video as well but I realized that I was an hour away from somewhere I needed to be and had to run LOL… and Frivvi got sick and couldn’t film with us ;-; All in all… I really want to plan a trip where the *point* is to collab so we can actually get a nice long, purposeful video out of it LOL. We used double Yetis for this, but hotel sounds are always….iffy. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

I’m finally home so I can’t wait to get back into filming, streaming, and being around with you guys ^_^ This summer is not so bad actually (I’m DETERMINED to stay home as much as possible LOL) so I’m really proud to have gotten through April! I have some…really really really freaking exciting news soon and great videos coming up and can’t wait to see if you all enjoy it!

And I got new glasses! Ay!

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