E926: Casey Neistat Vlogger & YouTube pioneer on social media, quest for authenticity, starting 368


Casey Neistat, Legendary Vlogger & Founder of 368, shares journey from leaving home at 15 to leading YouTube’s creative pioneers, the evolution of social media & continued quest for authenticity, challenges of success, cultivating gratitude, & starting a new community for artistic collaboration

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Show notes:
0:45 – Jason introduces vlogger and YouTube pioneer, Casey Neistat.

3:03 – YouTube vs. Instagram acquisitions, Casey’s authenticity, Gen Z & Millennial content consumption, Pewdiepie’s massive hustle & success, and Casey on focus and creativity.

13:20 – Jason thanks sponsor LinkedIn. Go to linkedin.com/twist and get a $50 credit toward your first job post.

14:48 – Introvert vs. Extrovert, why 368 was named after it’s address, and issues with fame.

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27:03 – Casey on parenting, the magic of unboxing videos, Casey’s folding phone video, deleting social media off mobile phones.

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43:54 – Casey talks about his ideal “movie-making machine”, leaving home at 15 years old, and the role of hard work and luck.

58:13 – Being born at the right time, YouTube’s democratization of making films, Casey’s favorite film, and embracing limitations as opportunities.

1:10:55 – The purpose of 368 Studios, Casey’s relationship with YouTube, YouTube monetization, and a new type of video platform.

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