itsmyrayeraye x BHCosmetics // 21 face palette ANDDD 15 eyeshadow palette


Soooo today’s video is a lot of me rambling in the middle and then me finally showing you as I play around with the BH Cosmetics x itsmyrayeraye palettes. I use BOFFUM in this video since I pretty much just them at the same time (super lateeee lmao I know stop judging me) so I used them on my face andddd eyes.

Also….. don’t mind my super red eye 🙁 I have an eye condition called uveitis and it’s trying to ruin my life.

To all my new subscribers, WELCOME TO THE SQUADD BABBYYY!!! Thank you guys so much for watching my videos and I’m so happy that you’re enjoying them. ^.^ Can’t wait to bring you guys more contenntttt!!

See y’all in the next one,


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