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If you’ve been following me since my first “Worst Rated Nail Salon” video, then you’ve probably been waiting for this video. I was finally able to film this video showing how I give myself a pedicure literally after jumping in the shower. It’s pretty simple and I think you guys will think so too. I know not everyone can get the same supplies I can, since I’m licensed, but I took a trip to Sally Beauty Supply to find the best dupes that you guys can purchase. But if Sally’s isn’t an option for you I definitely recommend shopping online at Amazon, or go to a nail supply store near you that doesn’t require a license to purchase. There’s more than you think, in promise!

In this video I also shared a DIY foot scrub that I love! If you would like to try it, here’s the recipe.
2 Tablespoons of melted Coconut Oil
1/3 Cup of coarse Kosher Salt (or sugar if you want a finer exfoliating texture)
2 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
5 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil
(Feel free to use whatever essential oils you’d like!)

Lastly, if you guys try this at home pedicure process or this scrub, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!

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