Bye James. Bye Tati. Bye Jeffree. Bye Homophobia.

I meant to say cishet but kept forgetting the second half. WHOOPS.

Watch my girl Earf Muva’s video on this:

Also I just watched Kat Blaque’s video on this as well and she goes further into what I later discuss about straight men experimentation:

Look the only big beauty guru I watch is Jackie Aina, and I only watch her because she is interesting, I only use green toxic free makeup because I’d break out if I didn’t. Also Too Much Mouth and Nyma Tang are my favorites as well. What do I look like watching them yts?

Anyway does halo beauty or sugar bear hair even do anything if we are being real? Doubt it. Take your multivitamins SYSTERS.

Also leave us lgbtq+ people alone, we’re over y’alls BS.

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Just a reminder as to why I don’t love any of you:

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