Dote – An Example of Selective "Diversity"

Many of you requested that I discuss the Dote scandal – segregated housing at Coachella, token representation of POC, lack of size inclusion, and more. It’s a long one but I hope y’all enjoy! TIME STAMPS BELOW. #internetanalysis #dote #dotechella

0:00 – intro
0:22 – what is Dote? Dote trips, such as Fiji, Coachella
1:07 – how all the quirky teen vloggers (Emma Chamberlain, Ellie Thumann, Hannah Meloche, Summer McKeen, etc) became the Dote Girls… mostly white, thin, pretty, and popular.
2:35 – a few girls of color get added to the Dote trip groups, but they’re still very white
3:28 – Dotechella 2019 and segregated housing… Itskeisha started the discussion. Why were girls of color put into a living room with beds out of couches, where the (mostly) white girls were in nice rooms with bunk beds, on the other side of the house.
5:51 – many Dote girls (of color) and other channels start to discuss the lack of diversity in Dote and on youtube
7:00 – I’m so proud to see so many young girls discussing these issues and their experiences as people of color… and white people need to chime in too and talk about this. use your white privilege!
8:39 – Eris doesn’t think Dote had bad intentions
9:15 – was the Coachella housing segregation intentional? are there any explanations for putting the girls of color in a separate, lesser living situation? the house felt very cliquey bc a lot of the white girls were already close friends
12:55 – the girls of color were often treated differently. Kianna Naomi said that the photographers did not want to take pictures of her (and the other girls of color). they felt unwelcome and uncomfortable
14:30 – Dote’s instagram clearly favored the white girls, then throws in a photo featuring one of the girls of color… for diversity.
15:30 – Eris felt like she had a generally good experience at Dotechella
16:17 – why didn’t any of these girls speak out sooner?
17:59 – Dote’s lack of diversity… their instagram used to be full of photos of Ellie, Hannah, Summer, etc. Once in a while they’d feature a photo of a girl of color. Dote also lacks size inclusivity, like Brandy Melville. To be a Dote girl, you must be thin, and (mostly) white.
19:13 – Dote’s apology statement from the founder…
19:41- the AUDACITY to start posting “This is what Dote looks like” with never before seen photos of “diversity” … Dote has clearly deleted tons of their (white) photos to make their feed look more diverse.
21:00 – who is the diverse group of Dote girls? Texas trip for smaller influencers, including Red Luna Journal. Dote never posted their photos, until now
23:00 – it’s so gross for Dote to use the Texas trip girls as representative of their diversity. Dote also had a “diverse” trip for girls of color, who went to a NY trip.
24:00 – how have the white Dote Girls responded? are they racist? are they to blame for these situations? nah but they are privileged and have definitely been cliquey
27:50 – advice for Dote… listen to these girls. Stop using girls of color to prove you’re inclusive. Get POC on your team as managers, photographers, hair stylists.

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