How to Put on a Gaiter

Outdoor Research, manufacturers of the Crocodile gaiter, shows you how to properly use your gaiters. Phil Ershler and Erica Engle, owner and guide for International Mountain Guides, shows you how to use your gaiters.

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Phil Ershler and I’m joined today with Erica Engle, one of our top senior guides at International Mountain Guides, and we’re here to talk a little bit today about how we’re going to fit a pair of gaiters for the Alpine environment. I don’t know about you, Erica, but when I think about gaiters, I think in terms of crocodiles. The two words for me have always been synonymous, so how do we start with these things?

Let’s start by opening the gaiter fully, and Erica puts the gaiter on from the back, working forward, and you notice that the OR label is on the outside of the gaiter. This puts the buckle on the outside; it also opens the velcro flap to the outside. This way we don’t easily catch anything when we’re crampling , so we’ll start at the toe of the boot, working our way up, laying the two velcro together nice and neat so that they stay securely fastened.

Down at the bottom of the gaiter now, you’ll notice a little tab that overlaps the velcro flap. It helps again, just to keep that flap into place, and you’ll also notice the hook down at the end of the flap. Erica grabs a couple of the laces on her boot and puts that into position.

Then, at the top of the gaiter, we have one more strap that just secures the gaiter at the top, helps keep snow out of the gaiter, not too tight, just a comfortable fit. Then, we go down to the bottom of the gaiter and we grab the instep strap, run it under the instep of the boot and buckle it securely. Again, this helps to mold that gaiter around the contour of the boot, keeping snow from entering the gaiter.

We thank you for joining us today for this tech tip about how to fit a gaiter and if you need any more questions answered, don’t hesitate to contact Outdoor Research at or International Mountain Guides at

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