REAL LIFE Hairstylist Struggles!!!

I made SURE I put this video together with EXTREME DETAIL so I can remind you guys that Hairstylists have looooong, difficult nights JUST like any other worker. Doing hair is NOT a hobby. Doing hair is a JOB and Professional Stylists have to have a good attitude and keep a smile on their face until their Client WALKS OUT THE DOOR. Also, a Stylists job is NOT DONE until the Client is 100% satisfied.

This video shows Me changing/fixing Lexi’s hair MULTIPLE times and not complaining ONCE. (Y’all didn’t even get to see the HOURS of color I “messed up” on the old hair and I even had to REPLACE Lexi’s Bundles because of it.)

Respect and show more appreciation to your Hairstylist because they work VERY HARD! 🙂


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