Part 1: Chris Bumstead Is Not Complete As Me From Head To Toe | A Convo With Breon Ansley

Breon Ansley explains why he chose Classic Physique and why Chris Bumstead won’t beat him.

A CONVERSATION WITH BREON ANSLEY – is a four part sit down interview with Breon Ansley – 2x Classic Physique Olympia champion and the man who set the standard for Classic Physique in its early years as a division. Breon discussed with director Vlad Yudin about the state of bodybuilding, his status as champion, and how Classic Physique puts a new perspective on the sport. New episodes air every Thursday!

Breon Ansley is the biggest name in the Classic Physique division right now. This is because of his phenomenal physique of course – but more importantly it’s the timing. He is the first repeat Classic Physique Olympia champion and shows no signs of slowing down. He has essentially created the standard for what a Classic Physique champion looks like, how he should act, and how how he represents this new division and the sport.

That’s why director Vlad Yudin sat down with Breon for an extended interview to dive deeper into the mind of someone in this rare and powerful position. As a new champion not only in the sport but also in a brand new division – he has a very unique outlook into what the future should hold for bodybuilding as a whole and a unique opportunity to help shape it.

In part one of our four part interview – we rewind back to the genesis of Breon as a bodybuilder – how he found the sport and how he decided to land in the Classic Physique division. We also talk about the biggest threat to his title, Chris Bumstead, and find out if Breon sees him as a legitimate threat and if that affects his training. Breon also opens up about his personal opinions on Chris Bumstead’s physique with an honestly that is normally not seen in current champions. Check it out in part 1 of A Conversation With Breon Ansley above!

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